He caught my eye across the room. One day, she will be my wife, he thought. Love at first sight...the love of fairy-tales and hopeless romantics.  10 years, later his love has stood the test of time, and I am now his wife.  Forever, once-in-a-lifetime, breathtaking love...I believe in that love.

I believe in the comfort of his hand in yours and the quiet way he holds you. I live that love everyday with the love of my life.  I understand your love.  

I am an adventurous soul and a hopeless romantic.  I love love, traveling, creating, and exploring with every part of my being.  I specialize in weddings and intimate elopements for those who believe in love like I do.  

pc: Dawn Honsky Photography

Intimate weddings begin at $3000

Elopements begin at $1500

Portraits begin at $575