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Eloping is one of the sweetest ways to celebrate your marriage, and it can allow you to stretch your creative muscles in planning a ceremony that truly is all you.  Some couples opt to just jump in with the perfect dress, the groom suited up, and a photographer ready to shoot every angle of your day.  Yet, I also think adding a few extra vendors to your wedding team can help add a few beautiful layers to your elopement.  These 4 vendors are a great way include a few extra details and eliminate some of the headache of planning that comes along with an elopement.

1. Florist

Hiring a florist for your elopement is a wonderful way to create a bouquet of your dreams.  Most of my brides want a bouquet for their ceremony, so I highly recommend finding a florist who can create your vision in florals!  They can even design a boutonnière for your groom.  If you are planning a larger ceremony and intimate table setting for after, then a florist can create beautiful center pieces or decorative additions to your ceremony site.

2. Caterer / Beverage Service

A caterer or food service is a great idea for an elopement so you can have a quiet dinner after your ceremony.  If you are hosting a few guests at your elopement, then you may even want to consider adding a small beverage service like Wandering Wagons.  The party and celebration is all up to you, so why not add a delicious meal to relax after your ceremony!

3. Videographer

An incredible way to capture the essence of your elopement story  is through hiring a videographer.  I love still shots of my couples, but I think adding video to your elopement is a perfect way to remember your day for years to come. A videographer can capture the hike up to your elopement spot, the vows you exchange with one another, and the celebration after!

4. Event Planner

I’m sure considering a wedding or event planner sounds a little counterintuitive to the idea of an elopement, but I highly recommend hiring one!  They can help you with so many of the details with everything from recommended lodging or venue sites, coordinating any guests or vendors participating in your day, and writing up a timeline that caters to your needs and vision.  I think that an event planner can ease a lot of the unknowns and stressors around an elopement, and they can be an incredible resources for questions that arise as the day approaches.

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