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September 9, 2019


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!

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Wedding planning…it can be so intense, right?  I remember loving planning my wedding and crying my eyes out the next minute because I was so stressed and overwhelmed by everything.  So I wanted to share with you 6 ways that helped us communicate better in that season, and ways that my brides have shared with me that kept their fiancé close and romance high while wedding planning!

Tip # 1

Date Night: Make the most of the time you have to use planning out details and make it a date night!  Busy schedules pull us all in different directions, so it is so important to prioritize time together.  Scheduling a night out together to sit down with focused attention on planning out your special day  can bring you both closer during this hectic season. It will help make sure you both are heard in the things that are important to you.  A date doesn’t have to be just a time to discuss wedding plans though!  Try scheduling in time to chat around a spa date, brunch, tapas, or even a romantic evening walk together.  It is a great way to establish the importance of regular date nights and time together even before you say “I do”. Try to keep expectations low…just talk, plan, share, and listen well.

engagement portrait couple inspiration in Norfolk Virginia on the beach at sunset

Tip # 2

Invite your Fiancè In: Friends, this is probably the most important part.  I know there are all sorts of pressures on your shoulders…all sorts of opinions, advice, and people weighing in on how they think your day should look or feel.  But the most important person in your world is your partner, and they desperately needs to be included as much as possible in the details of your day together.  Allow them to bring their desires or thoughts to the table without judgement, and I can assure you that it will help your wedding day to be even more beautiful.  Your fiancé may not want to be involved in every aspect and that is ok.  I believe that at least giving them an open invitation to be a part of this process helps to encourage the openness and vulnerability you want for your marriage. Choosing to invite them in may cause pain points with others who are already involved, but at least you will be navigating those relationships with your partner by your side.

engagement session in Norfolk, Virginia

Tip # 3

Listen to Wedding Music Together:  One of the most fun parts of planning out wedding details can be selecting music for the ceremony and reception.  This is a perfect opportunity for you and your love to connect and pick out songs together.  Create a playlist of your favorites and listen to them in the car together…dance in the kitchen to your wedding song…make a candlelit dinner together and let it play in the background.  Choosing ways to let the wedding planning process bring you together is so important not only for your wedding day, but for all the days and months ahead that will require you both to communicate and share well.  So let the music work its magic and bring you closer!

Tip # 4

Engagement Portraits:  Your engagement session can be such a romantic time for you both.  I’d highly recommend getting dressed up! Trust me, friend, take the time to get dolled up for each other…get your nails done, get a blow out, buy a new tie for him…pick a spot you both love and feel in yourself in and fall into each other’s arms again for the camera.  Plus, it is great chance to practice relaxing in front of the camera before your wedding portraits. You can take your engagement session one step further by creating a save the date cards together (see tip #1!), and then send them off to your family and friends!

Holding hands to show off her engagement ring in a detailed photo with Norfolk Virginia Fine Art Wedding Photographer Jenna Wren

Tip # 5

Stick to Your Budget:

Nothing kills romance faster than financial stress, so do your love life a favor and keep open lines of communication about your wedding budget.  If you have family members helping to pay for your wedding, it is absolutely important to keep them in the loop on certain parts of your plans.  However, your fiancé must come first in this area!  If you can, write out a very specific plan for how money will be spent and stick to it as much as possible.  Once you start planning your wedding, you both should decide what your biggest priorities are for how the budget is spent and then start researching those parts first.


Tip # 6

Plan Your Honeymoon: DO IT! So many couples have to put if for time or financial reasons, but if you can get away then go!  One of our favorite parts of planning our wedding was searching for ways to spend our honeymoon.  It quickly relieved the stress of our wedding and brought a lot of joy to the whole process, because we knew soon after it would just be us two somewhere beautiful!  We planned out all the details together and we had a lot of fun dreaming about it as the days got closer.  So happy planning and don’t forget the honeymoon!

engagement portrait couple inspiration in Norfolk Virginia on the beach at sunset


Bonus:  Do something romantic and wedding focused together

Dance lessons

Couples Massage

Commit to an exercise routine

Read books on marriage (if you want my list the top 5 books your relationship needs then head here!)

Whatever ways you can find to connect, communicate, grow, and fall deeper in love as your wedding day draws closer, I highly encourage you to commit to them.   These opportunities will help you not only in this season of your new marriage and relationship, but it will pave the way for years to come for a stronger relationship.


Enjoy this time!  There’s nothing like it in the world!


xO, Jenna

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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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