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7 Things You Need to Know about Getting Married in Rocky Mountain National Park

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1. Season

Depending on when you plan to get married in this gorgeous national park, you will need to be well-advised about sudden storms and changes in temperature.  You can always reach out to a forest ranger, or I can help you understand local weather patterns especially in the later fall through early spring.  We can help you create your dream wedding in the Rocky Mountain National Park with careful planning and monitoring of our Colorado seasons. 

Rocky Moutain National Park Colorado couples portraits in the fall

2. Attire:

Even in the warm summer months, your attire options for your Rocky Mountain wedding should include a jacket or throw of some sort. We have beautiful landscapes here in Colorado, but with that beauty comes a rather unpredictable weather shift even on the hottest days. We will keep a close watch on the weather leading up to your wedding date, but I urge all of my clients to bring seasonally appropriate layers, close toed shoes, an umbrella, and even a second outfit. You can absolutely wear your stunning wedding gown and your groom can wear a tux or suit, but we believe in being as prepared as possible.

Couple kissing after wedding ceremony in Estes Park, Colorado

3. Local Stays

There are so many beautiful hotels, bed and breakfasts, and homes for rent within a few minutes of the Rocky Mountain National Park. We love the Stanley Hotel, Romantic Riversong B&B, the Estes Park Resort, and the Della Terra Mountain Chateau. A quick search on VRBO and AirB&B can prove to be an excellent spot to search for a more quiet, private residence for you and your guests. We love Romantic Riversong B&B, and here is why!

The View Restaurant at the Crags Lodge in Estes Park ring shot

4. Hiking Readiness

Some of the ceremony sites in Rocky Mountain National Park do require a little bit of a hike, so it is important to be prepared. I encourage hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes, packing your gown if possible, water and snacks, and a walking stick if that would be of aid. If you are flying into our lovely state, you may want to consider arriving 2-3 days before your wedding ceremony to allow yourself to acclimate to our higher altitude. Here is more information on acclimating to altitudes like Estes Park, Colorado.

Rocky Moutain National Park Colorado couples portraits in the fall

6. Leave No Trace

A part of having the honor of getting to photograph weddings and elopements in our nation’s Rocky Mountain National Park is the “Leave No Trace” rule. I want to ensure that you have the most beautiful wedding and experience with us as your wedding photographers, but I also want to respect our beautiful surroundings. Please, prepare to pack in and pack out anything you bring with you including snack wrappers, water bottles, and other non-perishable items. We will make sure to stay on trails and respect the natural surroundings while we photograph your ceremony. Please, assist us in keeping our Rocky Mountain National Park pristine for generations to come.

Wildflower Floral arrangement for Rocky Mountain National Park bride ceremony

7. Scheduling

Many of Rocky Mountain National Park’s ceremony sites are booked out months in advance, so if you are planning on getting married within the park then we need to plan well in advanced. These spots are quite often booked during the summer months, so this may be a great opportunity to consider a fall or spring wedding. You can check on current ceremony site bookings here.

Rocky Moutain National Park Colorado couples portraits in the fall

We are so ready to begin planning your RMNP wedding. Inquire here!

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