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November 7, 2019


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!

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For your bridal portraits, I’m betting you are just wanting to feel like yourself more than anything else! If I can help you in anyway during your portraits, I want you to have the freedom to speak up and share your thoughts with me. This is one reason why my connection with my couples is so important well before your wedding day.

For my nervous brides, I want you to be able to truly relax and just be yourself.  I know that Pinterest and Instagram are so full of the “perfect” bride and couple portraits, but you absolutely have to be yourself for your inner beauty to shine through.  Which is the main goal, right?  Here are my best tips for your most natural posed bridal portraits.

1. Direct your attention away from the camera 

Don’t feel like you always have to look right at the camera! If staring down the lens makes you nervous, then look away until I tell you to look right at me.  Sometimes, I find the more genuine connection with my bride and couples when they completely ignore me.  I’m sure that’s easier said than done, but after a few shots I bet it’ll get easier than you think.  If it helps you, close your eyes softly or gaze down.  The last thing I want you to feel like you have to do is force your gaze or smile!  Soft gaze for bridal portraits during wedding pictures 2. Let your photographer guide you

Once you’ve relaxed a little into your portraits, let me guide you into the next pose or look.  I can see things a little differently than you might be thinking they look, and some of the poses (or moments) may feel very awkward.  However as I guide or move you, I’m looking at so many different things including the lighting around you, your hands and posture, the movement of your gown, and even tiny details like your ring or jewelry in the frame. I love and am very open to suggestions or ideas you have for your portraits, but I may end up tweaking little details as we go.  I try not to rush your portraits, so that you can truly relax in the moment and I can move you as needed.

3. Don’t think about it 

If you can truly get your thoughts out of “picture” mode then I believe we can work smoothly to create relaxed and natural poses for you.  I so hope you can just get lost in the moment and enjoy the surroundings instead of the strain of getting the shot perfect…leave that up to me!  If you need a cocktail to help you relax a head of time, you just let me know!

4. Have someone stand with you 

If you are completely uncomfortable (and I can often quickly tell!), then I love having someone you are close to come and stand with us out of frame.  We can invite anyone into these moments that you’d like…just make sure it isn’t someone who may add tension to the scene.  My brides often ask their maid of honor or one of their bridesmaids to join them, but if your mom, flower girl, or even your groom help you to relax then by all means let’s get them to stand with us!

5. Just be 

This beautiful day…planned out for months and I’m sure dreamed of for even longer is here.  Posing is always tricky even with couples who are super comfortable in front of the camera, but my greatest hope for you is that each moment of your day exist for you to fully embrace.  I want your portrait session to be a breathe of fresh air from the busy rush of the ceremony and the blur of your reception. So as we capture you solo for a few minutes, try your best to just be in the moment. Take a deep breathe…grab a glass of wine if you need it, and let’s have fun!


I’d love to plan out your wedding day schedule with you so we can make sure to plan in plenty of downtime for your portraits!  If you’re in the planning process or want to chat with me more about your wedding day, feel free to email me below!


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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