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January 7, 2022


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!

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Crafting those coveted in-between moments might seem like a random approach to capturing images, yet it is actually a carefully observed approach to seeing the moments no one else sees. I am a fine art wedding photographer in Colorado who specializes in the in-between moments that capture the most joy-filled parts of your romance and will continue to take your breath away year after year.  That’s why I love what I do so much.  After getting to connect with you and your fiancè, I step back and watch how you naturally interact together.  My work allows me a unique perspective on the world as artistic director and guide of your imagery.  I know how to elicit genuine smiles, deep laughter, and natural poses that help you feel every moment of your day as you look back on your images.  As your wedding photographer, I want to capture the tears that fall as you walk down the aisle, the champagne-filled laughter of your loved ones, and the exchange of your sweet smiles as you promise forever. 

fine art wedding photographer in colorado

I am honored to share a little more with you today about my approach to how I capture the in-between moments. I love sharing this approach with you because on your wedding day, I want you to know you can completely relax and entrust your every moment to my artistry and guidance.  My approach to your wedding day is through a fine art editorial and documentary style that brings out the joy of your love story, authentic connections with your friends and family, and timeless moments captured in breathtaking imagery.  As a fine art wedding photographer in Colorado, I create imagery that you will treasure for a lifetime.  

  1. The How

The in-between moments are the moments that are often lived in a space where your guard is down and your emotions are heightened.  These moments stand out as a testament to how you felt on your day, and that moment may be very fleeting but I am there to capture it.  I am able to know I am observing a moment that is “in-between” because I know you so well at this point.  I understand your personality, your connection with your partner, and your emotional cues.  As your wedding photographer, I am naturally aware of what is going on in a smaller, more detailed manner because I am viewing each part of your day through segments in my lens.  I often stand back and let things float around me so I immerse myself into your scene.  Our connection is important, and I know that our personalities need to mesh so you feel comfortable letting your guard down.

  1. The Why

As a fine art wedding photographer in Colorado, I am always going to capture the perfect moments in the most scenic locations around your venue and day.  We will have imagery where everyone is smiling and looking right at me, moments like the ever important family formals.  But there is so much more going on than simply asking you and your guests to smile at the camera.  Cocktail hour is a perfect example of those moments that are casual, relaxed and genuine.  During cocktail hour, you may be tied up with your formal portraits, so my approach and the way I train my second shooters is to continuously watch for the real moments that are not choreographed .  I aim to capture these moments so you can relive the moment frame after frame, even the moments you weren’t aware of.  Your story is best told with an editorial approach and artistic guidance.  

fine art wedding photographer in Colorado
  1. The What

What are these in-between moments? Will they be awkward, weird, ugly? The short answer is no, because it is your story.  Your moments are a treasure and your legacy.  In-between moments in the fine art wedding photography approach are often captured on film with depths of color, tones of lights, and movement and emotions that are raw and unrehearsed.  It may be a photograph of your sister sitting in the corner of the room wiping a tear away while your mother buttons your gown.  The images may be of details from the epic party you threw during your receptions with your guests laughing and grooving.  The in-between moment may be the quiet walk you two take heading back to your reception after sunset moments, when he glances over and winks at you and you break into the biggest grin of the whole day.  My dream is to ensure every moment is captured so you remember through my lens.

  1. The Moments

Throughout your day, I am looking for margin to ensure that my fine art approach flows smoothly.  I am quick behind the camera to capture the posed moments, to guide your family forms with ease, and to ensure your details are beautifully captured.  Yet I will pause throughout the day to see you in the moment with my eyes and heart.  I scan the room, the scenery, the seats at your ceremony, and the tables during your party to snag the fleeting reactions.  At times, I help guide you to move in a certain way or encourage conversation so you laugh more naturally or walk a little more at ease.

  1. The Story

The whole reason I do what I do.  Although I have been a fine art wedding photographer in Colorado for more than a decade, I am also an English major who taught high school students for years.  I love story. I love knowing every detail of your connection, dreams, vision for your wedding, and family connections.  I want to know why you selected your florals, who is standing by your side, and where your fiancè proposed. 

As wedding photographers, we capture each couple’s session and wedding with effortless artistry and a photojournalistic manner that creates truly breathtaking images. We photograph the details and moments of your day with stunning light, soft tones, and raw emotions to cultivate the beauty of your celebration. We want you to feel at ease around us as you  and your love are swept up in the glory and beauty of your love. I love my work as a fine art wedding photographer in Colorado, and if you like what you hear then let us tell your visual love story.  

Inquire today to reserve your date.  To preserve the service I offer and the level of work we create, I only accept a few weddings a year.  I would be honored to capture your in-between moments so you reflect back on your day and feel every frame as you relive your day. 

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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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