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Vow for Girls : End Child Marriage

One of the great opportunities we all share is the chance to leave our world a better place. As a Colorado wedding photographer, I am honored to work in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. However, the world is not limited to just my own backyard. Our couples arrive from across the globe to this beautiful location. In 2020, we have learned so much about the difference we can make with a simple commitment to better.

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Vow For Girls Campaign

These connections have opened our eyes more this year to give back to a cause we fully believe in. As a wedding photographer in Colorado, I believe every girl and woman should have the choice to marry whom they choose. We are taking a stance again child marriage by partnering with Vow for Girls. As a powerhouse non-profit fighting child marriage across the world, Vow for Girls allows our clients to donate a portion of their wedding gifts to the cause.

Within our wedding and portrait bookings, we will be giving a portion of our profit to support Vow for Girls in their incredible mission. I am grateful for the strong stance they’re taking against such atrocities. We are committing to this cause this year and beyond. You can donate to our Give Lively campaign this season.

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Get Involved

If you’d like to do more, then consider partnering directly with Vow for Girls. Couples can align their wedding registry with Vow for Girls by donating a percentage of every gift purchased. If you’d like more information as one of our couples about our personal commitment, then send me an email.

To learn more about Vow for Girl’s mission to end child marriage, visit them here. Together, we can end child marriage and ensure every girl has a safe and healthy future to celebrate her love story on her terms. As a Colorado wedding photographer, I am grateful to work with so many wonderful clients who are committed to making our world amazing for all.

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Join Us

Join us in our vow to leave our world a better place for the next generation. We are honored to partner with VOW, and we are committed to changing the face of marriage. Read more about our story here.