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Couple Portrait Posing Tips during Your Wedding Day :: Jenna Wren Photography {Colorado Wedding Photographer}

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This is my favorite post that I have written in this series because I live for couple portraits!  Here are my favorite tips for your beautiful wedding day.

1. Hug and get as close as possible

Physical touch can relax even the most nervous people, and your closeness doesn’t have to be super intimate or show too much PDA.  But you can gently lay a hand on his arm or kiss her lightly on the cheek to remind them they’re with you in this moment fully. Don’t be afraid of PDA though! It is your wedding, and your portraits should show up however you dream of them!

Rocky Moutain National Park Colorado couples portraits in the fall

2. Smile and laugh

Be goofy, be crazy, and be you!  I know that weddings are stressful and as much as I want to shield you from all of the crazy there are just moments when we have to laugh.  Sometimes as silly as it sounds just start with a fake, forced laugh aimed in your loves direction and then see what bubbles up after! Tell jokes and don’t be afraid to get close to each other again to feel the joy that laughter brings to you both.  Let your excitement fill the space between you, and I can promise you we will capture beautiful and genuine smiles.

Rocky Moutain National Park Colorado couples portraits in the fall

3. Hide

Let’s get away from the crowds, your in-laws, and the pace of your wedding for just a few moments.  One of my first jobs when I show up at your venue is to scout out the most private locations for moments just like these.  I am sure a little hideaway is just what your soul needs at this point in the day, so let’s steal away for a quick few shots with just you two.  

Couple portrait in the fall at a bed and breakfast in Estes Park, Colorado

4. Stop Worrying 

I know…again with the crazy suggestions but trust me.  I can’t edit out the worry lines on your face in Photoshop.  So if you need a little wine or bubbly to relax and to put your mind at ease then I am open to whatever you need!  It may be very hard to ignore the judgy comments or stares from your guests, but these moments can’t be recreated.  

Rocky Moutain National Park Colorado couples portraits in the fall

5. Trust Me and Each Other

Sometimes at a wedding the blur of moments can really make it seems like time can’t stop, but one of my greatest goals on your wedding day is to protect the time we have for your couple portraits.  Again, we can’t go back and recreate those moments so make sure to carve out plenty of time in your timeline for portraits. Trust me to have your back throughout the process and to make sure we stick to a realistic timeline!  

Rocky Moutain National Park Colorado couples portraits in the fall


Let’s talk about your dream wedding portraits!  Feel free to email me below!


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