Creating a Dreamy Colorado Engagement Session

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January 5, 2022


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!

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Planning a dreamy Colorado engagement session can be one of the most exciting moments of your wedding planning journey.  I am a massive fan of engagements so you can enjoy time together uninterrupted while having the most joyful and romantic portraits taken.  I often love the engagement portraits as much as the wedding day couple portraits. I find that our couples are able to really relax and connect with each other in a space that is just for them.  I’m a hopeless romantic who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty in every location we find.  

dreamy Colorado engagement session

Creating images from your engagement session for save-the-dates is an important step in your wedding planning process.  Save the dates give you the opportunity to lock in a date months in advance, and you can announce your engagement to your select guest list. Your engagement portraits are also a wonderful addition to your wedding website and social media profiles. Some of my clients print a few of the engagements to be framed and showcased at their wedding reception.

Here are my top ways to create a dreamy Colorado engagement session:

  1. The Where 

Your location for your engagement session is an important way to create the session of your dreams.  Colorado is brimming with locations, so once you book your wedding date or engagement session then we begin planning where you are longing to have your pictures taken.  I have a list of ideas that based on the season allow for the most beautiful lighting and scenery.  I love taking my couples into the mountains or enjoying time in the mountain towns, but I have couples that are just as happy in a spot in downtown Denver.  If your partner proposed in a certain spot in Colorado, then I recommend revisiting the location for your portraits as well.  

winter Colorado engagement session
  1. Lighting 

As I am sure you can imagine, lighting is everything when it comes to creating stunning portraits.  My work captures you in the most flattering lighting with the most stunning scenery, so I spend a lot of time scouting locations, monitoring the weather, and observing how the light falls throughout the year.  Golden hour is a given throughout the year to create the most beautiful lighting for your Colorado engagement session, yet I recognize that this time of day may not always be available to you based on your schedule.  One other option is to photograph you first thing in the morning or aim for a cloudy day to allow the softest and most flattering light to enhance your dreamy Colorado engagement session.  

fall Colorado Engagement Session
  1. Sparkling Ring

I’m most certain that your partner, now fiancé, selected a killer ring for your engagement ring! So I want to ensure I catch the light gleaming of your new rock, which means ensuring your ring is freshly cleaned for your session.  I recommend having a reputable jeweler clean your diamond a couple of days before your session.  The morning of your portraits, avoid using contact with lotion, soap, or other substances to make sure your ring is spotless.  If it is easiest, try keeping your ring in the original box (you know the one he held up when he proposed!) to make sure it is dust free as well. 

dreamy Colorado engagement session
  1. Attire 

Aside from your location for your Colorado engagement session, attire is the second most important part of creating dreamy imagery.  I recommend finding an elegant floor length gown for the ladies and tailored suit or at a minimum a sports coat and slacks for the gentlemen.  Your outfits truly make or break your session.  Feel free to plan for multiple outfit changes and bring along pieces that you aren’t certain about.  I am more than happy to assist you with color selection, gowns, complimentary accessories and beyond.  My job is to ensure you feel incredible, relaxed, and confident in front of the camera, so selecting outfits that fit your personal taste, body type, and enhance your portraits with elegance and refined details is the perfect way to make sure you are blown away by your images. 

Colorado engagement session

I encourage my couples to select at least two full outfits. I encourage a very dressy outfit and then a more relaxed, but well-put together second look.  Often we begin with the most dressy look first, then change into your second outfit halfway through the session.  At times, we head to a second location for your other look.  I am open to whatever will ensure your Colorado engagement session is everything you have dreamed of.  

5. Season 

My favorite part of your session is finding the right season for you! Most of my couples love fall for their engagement session, and we often book out those dates months in advance.  I aim to only photograph engagement sessions during the week because Colorado mountain towns are quite busy during the weekends.  Even though the summer and autumn months are the most popular for sessions, I love the magic of winter Colorado engagement sessions.  Snowy landscapes, soft flakes falling, and cozy attire make for a dreamy session in our stunning mountains.  Even a more urban setting during the winter is wonderful! The only season I recommend trying to avoid is spring due to unpredictable and often last second severe weather.  However, if your schedules are tight and we are photographing your session in April or May then I know the images will be phenomenal.  We will find the perfect spot, watch the weather closely, and have a second date and location available as a back up.

One of the ways I approach engagement sessions is to always plan for a backup date.  So when you book your initial session, I request another date option just in case.  This allows us a little flexibility in working around illnesses, weather, and scheduling issues that may arise as the date gets closer.  I always encourage my brides to book hair and make up for their Colorado engagement session for a little extra pampering before the shoot.  If we have to use our secondary date option, then make sure you adjust accordingly with your hair and make up artist.  

Ready to book the engagement session of your dreams? Inquire today to reserve your date.  Along with our wedding bookings each year, I accept a limited amount of engagements, proposals, and couples’ sessions per year to preserve the caliber of service I provide.  

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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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