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May 19, 2021


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!

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Creating your legacy may sound like a beautiful and vague concept that floats around the edges of your wedding planning.  Perhaps you think of building a legacy as building home for you and your spouse, your children, and grandchildren. Other times you may view your legacy as the traditions of faith, values, and beliefs that you and your spouse are bringing together in your vows.  I often think of legacy in many of the same terms, yet I also see legacy as tangible.  As your wedding photographer, we are creating your legacy story through heirloom portraits.

Heirloom portraits include photographs, bridal shoes, and vow books

Many of us have thousands of photos sitting on our hard drives and phones.  I love the instant moments I carry with me at the touch of a fingertip. However, when I come home I want to see and feel those memories.  I want to remember our family vacations, the births of my children, and our own wedding vows.  

As your wedding photographer, I dream of creating a tangible legacy of your love story for each chapter of your life. Well beyond the wedding day, I am here to capture all of your life’s most precious moments.  We are legacy creators that begin the day you two commit to one another, and we are overjoyed to capture you and your growing love story. We are here from the beginning to forever with our clients to create their unique legacy story. Let’s begin creating yours today.

We believe in love stories that stand the test of time.

Years of dreaming, months of planning, and days of eagerly awaiting this moment as you stand at the altar hand-in-hand with your forever love.  You can hardly believe this moment is finally here.  You can hear your heart beating quickly, yet it seems that all around you the day has slowed to a near stop. 

And then a second later, the bubble of slow motion bursts and everything arounds you seems to fly quickly in a blur.  You exchange vows and rings, you are announced right after your first kiss, and you begin your recessional exit towards your reception.  Your legacy story has begun. We will be capturing each moment of your beautiful day so we can truly create breathtaking heirloom portraits for generations to come.  

Heirloom portrait marble boxes with gifted prints from Jenna Wren Photography

I cannot think of a more beautiful moment than those brief minutes at the altar.  So much time and energy goes into planning your ceremony and the beginning of your life together.  I am always moved during the ceremony as the significance of my beautiful couples’ vows weighs heavily on my heart and mind.  A new legacy begins in those moments, and I am blown away that I am able to stand witness to such an intimate and treasured time in their life. 

Your legacy story began on your wedding day, yet you have a beautiful opportunity to continue writing your love story visually with heirloom portraits.  From your wedding day through each new season of life as a couple and growing family, I am here to capture those moments for you in the same classic elegance and breathtaking imagery that made you choose me as your wedding photographer. 

creating a legacy story with heirloom portraits from your wedding day and beyond

Within 4 weeks of your wedding date, you and your new spouse will receive an heirloom box made of marble with 50 art images of your wedding day highlights.  We love sending a tangible piece of your day shortly after your legacy begins, because we know there is nothing like printed images to remind you of your love.

These stunning images printed on fine paper are the perfect coffee table centerpiece to share with each other after a long day.  We hope you find yourselves reminiscing over your beautiful day together frequently to keep your roots growing deep and your legacy story running strong through your new life together. 

heirloom portrait wedding photographer at Flying Horse Ranch in Colorado Springs

 We believe in visual stories that remind us of who we are and why we are.

As time unfolds in the coming months and you quickly approach your  first anniversary, we receive an exciting email from you requesting an anniversary session to commemorate your celebrations together.  We head to the gorgeous mountains here in Colorado, or perhaps you are envisioning a moment on the beach together.  In either scene, we are here for you to capture the moments that matter the most and the moments that will keep your legacy story growing. 

We believe photographs are the greatest heirlooms and the greatest gift to yourselves, your loved ones, and your future children and grandchildren. 

Did you ever look through your parents’ wedding album? Or did you spend hours perusing your grandparents’ portraits? These moments in your own family’s legacy that you have heard stories of over the years are beautiful to hear, but they come alive in the images you see leap off the album pages.  You two have the beautiful opportunity to begin sooner than most by capturing images beyond your wedding day with us as your legacy photographer.

Vail Wedding Photographer during Spring Wedding Jenna Wren Photography

We believe in heirloom portraits that help you treasure each moment of your legacy story. 

As your young family grows and you add to your moments, we are here to photograph your maternity session, newborn days, and children as they grow.  We have experienced the joy of newborns with their loving parents all the way up to high school seniors for their yearbook portraits.  Time flies so quickly as we all know, and we are so grateful for our own family’s legacy story captured since day one. 

Each image we capture of your family is a tribute to your vows and commitment.  My dream is to capture your legacy story from one chapter to the next. Often our couples and families will book these sessions 6 months or more out.  This amount of time allows us to create a vision board for your specific session, plan out the location that best represents your family, and select a season that will be perfect for this occasion.  

The Mrs. Clutch heirloom accessories for the Colorado bride

We highly recommend making an evening or a day of your celebratory portrait session.  Plan a date night after your photos or a family hike once we wrap up.  These moments are so beautiful to capture on film, yet we highly encourage expanding on the connections by spending a little extra quality time together.  As a part of our process, we think beyond the wedding day to fully share our client’s stories. We begin with your inquiry and continue to encourage you to print your images in albums, framed prints, and gift prints. With the turning of each season, our clients are so grateful for their heirloom portraits.

In your anniversary sessions, we seek quiet, adventure, romance, and beauty that is reminiscent of your wedding imagery.  We plan each session with your personality and vision in mind including the location, attire, and season.  Each of these aspects help bring your anniversary celebration to life while holding true to the ways you cherish each other.  Some of our couples prefer a destination portrait session to capture their anniversary or special date in a new environment.  We are ready to travel wherever you are dreaming of these moments captured.  

creating legacy stories with heirloom portraits from your wedding

Often anniversary sessions are photographed in style that replicates your favorite wedding design elements, and we capture these moments in a mix of black and white and color film.  The use of mixed mediums allows us as your legacy photographers to capture the emotion of the moment on black and white, and fully represent the vivid hues of you two in color.  

As a legacy photographer, it is my greatest joy to walk beside you on your wedding day and beyond to capture your cherished memories in breathtaking imagery.  I truly cannot think of a more beautiful heirloom than portraits that tell the story of your love from year to year.  We are here to celebrate, cheer, cry, laugh, and remember all of your greatest moments.  

Let’s begin your legacy story today, click here to inquire.

Vail, Colorado wedding in early spring months

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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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