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January 19, 2021


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!

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Decades ago the idea of a first look was not a familiar concept. The traditional first look was the moment right as the bride walked down the aisle arm-in-arm with her father. The grooms first glimpse of his beautiful bride was in front of all of their loved ones. When Steve and I married almost 13 years ago, we decided to take those few moments right before the ceremony together, and now it is one of our favorite moments from our wedding. In the Denver area and beyond, we love the first looks we get to capture as wedding photographers.

As a Denver wedding photographer, I love all the gorgeous views and venues in Colorado that provide a picturesque scene for your first look. Your first look can be planned at your venue with just a few of minutes for the moment, or we can drive up into the mountains to linger for a while before your ceremony. We want to encourage you to plan a first look into your wedding day timeline, and here’s why.

No. 1 Romantic Surprise

Your first look is the perfect moment to surprise your groom with your stunning bridal look in a manner that only you two can truly cherish. We love the moment a bride walks down the aisle towards her groom, and we know there will hardly be a dry eye in the room. Yet, there is truly nothing more romantic during your wedding day than your first look. We are able to capture the raw emotion from your groom, your excitement (and nerves) as you gently touch him on the shoulder, and the quiet embrace you two share in this romantic moment. With so many beautiful vista and venues in the Denver area, we promise as your wedding photographers to capture this beautiful moment.

bride and groom embrace during first look at Villa Park with Denver Wedding Photographer

No. 2 Just You Two

Your wedding day will be full of those you love and cherish most in life, yet in all of that joy it is rare for you two to steal away for a moment together. A well-planned timeline will allow for your couple portraits to be gently paced so you are not rushed or interrupted, but we also realize that those minutes fly by so quickly. You have spent weeks finding your gorgeous gown, months dreaming of your wedding day, and hours getting ready that morning, so feel free to take a moment just you two before your ceremony begins.

first look with couple at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek in winter wedding with Denver wedding photographers Jenna Wren

No. 3 To Die for Photos

As your wedding photographers, we live to capture the most breathtaking, timeless, and joyful moments between you two. Your first look creates some of the most memorable and stunning imagery from your day. I truly cannot think of a more romantic moment than your first look, and we are so honored to capture those images for you.

first look in an aspen grove summer colorado wedding

No. 4 Video of His Reaction

We would love to help you find the perfect videographer for your wedding day. As Denver based wedding photographers, we know so many incredible cinematographers who can will capture the beauty and raw emotion of your first look. Feel free to send us a message so we can send you our videographer referrals. We highly recommend booking a wedding videographer to capture the living moments of your day.

surprised groom excited during first look at Villa Parker

No. 5 No Disruptions

As your wedding photographers, we want to ensure that you are uninterrupted in this moment. We know that the blur of emotion and movement from ceremony until you leave your reception goes by so quickly. And we know that you are continuously interacting with your guests, so your first looks provides you an uninterrupted moment together. Perhaps consider doing your first look on a mountain top, or a private section of your hotel’s courtyard like Katy and Houston did.

denver wedding photographers capture first look with couple at Villa Parker Denver

Bonus: Extra Couple Portraits

As your wedding photographer, we love the opportunity to capture a few extra frames of you both at any point during your day. The first look is a perfect moment to pause and capture a few beautiful couples portraits. As we move from the getting ready portraits into your ceremony, we love this quiet moment to photograph you two right after he sees you for the first time. We highly recommend booking a separate bridal session just for you two so that we can capture your first look in the gorgeous mountain vistas of Colorado.

first look and getting ready at the park hyatt hotel in beaver creek colorado

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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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