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March 10, 2021


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!

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As we turn the corner on a brand new year, we are so excited to bring new beautiful offerings to our wedding clients. One of our greatest privileges and truest joys with our work is delivering beautiful fine art prints to our clients. We know there is nothing like holding images of your day in your hands. The feeling of the soft paper on your fingertips as you glance through the highlights of your day is a feeling that can only come from prints.

As fine art wedding photographers in Denver, we love the beautiful surroundings we have the joy of working in. We love capturing the soft light that Colorado offers in a manner that takes our clients’ breath away. We are so excited to offer heirloom portrait boxes to celebrate your day!

heirloom portrait boxes

As a girl, I remember loving the feel of paper goods, books, and prints in my hands. Somehow glancing through our family portrait album or my parents’ wedding album placed me in the scene. The texture of the glossy prints on my fingertips combined with the beautiful imagery unfolding in front of my eyes created such a solid place for me to reminisce or imagine. I loved dreaming of how my mom must’ve felt on her wedding day as I slowly poured over their wedding album.

Still to this day, I remember the heaviness of their album bound in metal and leather. I could spend hours looking through their portraits. I dreamed of my own wedding day as so many girls do. All of these dreams are because of the prints that anchored me to memories from the past, even memories that took place before I was born. Imagery truly paints our memories, and I love printing portraits from sessions and weddings.

heirloom portrait boxes with fine art prints Jenna Wren Photography

Our offerings for 2021 with each full wedding day include 50 of your favorite moments from your celebration printed on luxurious paper then delivered to you in an heirloom portrait box. These boxes are crafted with beautiful detail and are a wonderful addition to your coffee table. They are solid marble with soft grey veins throughout the box. The heirloom portrait boxes are weighty and unique. We love that they will protect your memories for years to come.

We love the idea of your beautiful wedding memories being shared with your family and friends over the years. Those memories are just as special in the future as they day they were created, which is why we love the marble finish for our heirloom portrait boxes. We use these boxes to protect our family’s memories as well. Our children love looking through pictures of our favorite moments together. We know our little ones cannot as easily access the portraits because of the weighty feel of the heirloom portrait box’s lid.

heirloom portrait boxes with Jenna Wren Photography

Once we have edited the final images from your wedding day, we will deliver a full online gallery that will be password protected for your privacy and security. The gallery stays live for 6 month so you may order additional prints, download and share your images, and back up your files for safe keeping. Within a few weeks of your gallery delivery, we ask you to select your top 50 favorite images. With those selections, we order 50 5×7 fine art prints then place them in your heirloom portrait box. We will either hand deliver or mail your box and prints to your home.

Print delivery is one of our favorite parts of our work with our clients. We love knowing that you will have 50 images that are treasured in your heirloom print boxes not long after your wedding date. Your portraits often arrive before your albums, which can build so much anticipation for your album delivery. If you would like to order additional boxes, feel free to email us anytime. These heirloom portrait boxes make wonderful gifts for your family members.

We are so excited to begin planning your dream wedding! Feel free to browse our blog for more resources about our offerings, favorite Colorado venues, and vendor lists.

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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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