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February 9, 2021


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!

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If you are searching for a venue that is not quite like the others in Colorado, then we have a great option for you. Villa Parker located in the eastern plains near Denver is an excellent choice. We are excited to share our thoughts on why Villa Parker might be the location for the wedding of your dreams!

1. Unique Venue at Villa Parker

Tuscan vibes arrive in perfect style at this gorgeous venue just east of Denver. Villa Parker is truly unique venue in the Colorado line up of venues that we love. As wedding photographers, we are always searching for locations that will meet our client’s dreams for their wedding. Villa Parker creates a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony and reception with flexible spaces both indoors and out. The arches surrounding the exterior of the property draw your guests in, and the entire grounds are lush with vibrant gardens. The interior space is cozy and warm with plenty of space for your guests to enjoy one another.

stunning table setting for intimate dinner at Villa Parker

beautiful gown portrait in window of Villa Parker Denver Wedding venues

2. Intimate setting

One of our favorite aspects of Villa Parker is the quiet setting around the venue itself. It is removed from the hustle and noise of downtown Denver, while closely accessible from the Denver International Airport. The venue is tucked back in the town of Parker which allows you and your guests to celebrate your wedding in a more relaxed setting. The private walls surrounding the venue and intimate indoor space create a calm and surreal setting for your ceremony and reception.

stunning bride and groom couple getting married at Villa Parker
Orchid inspired bouquet by Lumme Creations

3. Sweeping Views

The views from Villa Parker’s ground are just mesmerizing. On a sunny day you can see the entire front range laid out in front of you. And during the evening hours, the city lights shine bright from your vantage point. We love the idea of an outdoor dining space where you and your guests can enjoy a stunning Colorado sunset that blends into twinkling romantic city lights. We truly love the views from Villa Parker, and the setting creates a romantic atmosphere for you and your love.

Villa parker stunning venue near the Rocky Mountains
couple excited to see one another during first look

4. Quiet Corners

We are all about creating quiet moments for you and your love to steal away for a minute during your day. And we have found the perfect venue if you are like me and sometimes just need a second to yourself! Villa Parker is just gorgeous in every way, but one of my favorite things about it is how private some of their hidden corners are! We love these quiet corners for the perfect first look with your parents or your fiancĂ©, couples’ portraits, family portraits, or simply a moment to yourselves. See why we think this spot is perfect for your first look!

couple kiss at Villa Parker in Colorado
stunning watercolor inspired cake by ruby jean patisserie

5. Mediterranean Inspiration

Our gorgeous Colorado Rocky Mountains are absolutely a wonderful place to celebrate your wedding nuptials, but we also love finding venues in Colorado that are entirely unique. The Mediterranean vibes of this venue will whisk you away to the Italian country side. We love that we can have a little Tuscan beauty here in the Rockies, and we truly believe you will find this venue to be a gorgeous spot to create a stunning wedding. We love the the elegant surroundings and the welcoming wrought iron gate that welcomes your guests. Romance is an at all-time high at Villa Parker, and we highly recommend saving your date with them right away!

beautiful entrance to Villa Parker with couple kissing during summer wedding

We love Villa Parker if you can’t tell, and we are so excited to talk with you about your gorgeous wedding. Inquire with us today to ensure we are available for your wedding date!

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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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