How I Love Thee: An Ode to the Art of Letter Writing

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November 10, 2021


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!

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How I Love Thee: An Ode to the Art of Letter Writing

In a time before modern communication, letters were often the only way to reach those you loved. Entire lives were planned in this simple, timeless fashion of letter writing. Months may pass between each correspondence, which caused the words written on a few sheets of paper priceless. The more we can gift the ones we love with our expression of love, the more beautiful our relationships become.

cherokee ranch and castle wedding

Our heiress is seen in her manor contemplating how to share in mere words the love she has for this man in her life. Quietly reposed in her dressing room, she dreams of their days together. She holds his love gently, remembering as she rests. He left her with hand-written letters gifted to her in the clutch she holds. He promised her he would be close to her with the gorgeous pearls that adorn her neck and his letters carried in her purse. She runs his pearls through her fingertips; their cool touch pulling her back in. Separated by circumstances beyond their control and only days and hours to hold onto the most recent hand-scripted confession, she sits in quiet reflection of how to reach beyond time and space to him. Her longing is fierce, a fire in her soul. How she loves him… she recounts the ways in each tearful pen stroke.

the art of letter writing

She finds herself lost in her thoughts as she floats above the pages lost in memories of him. Consumed with passion, love, and longing she knows she needs nothing from him but wants everything from him. Struck by inspiration, she composes her words into verse; line after line folding upon itself from the deep ink well in her soul. She ties each line to the next, holding true to her essence – the strength and power of a woman freed to love whom she pleases.
“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. /
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height /
My soul can reach…” (Barret Browning)

She has no way of knowing when these words will reach him, but she imagines she can send them over the miles quickly simply by gazing at the horizon, picturing her love coming to her castle in the light of the setting sun.

The art of letter writing is not lost in our modern world. It is still ours to hold, to share in the timeless artistry of placing our words on paper with intention and meaning. This is a call to us all to resurrect those places in us that long for love, connection, meaning, and for words to be held in our hand.

cherokee ranch and castle wedding the art of letter writing

Never is there a more beautiful time than the morning of your wedding day to share love for one another in the form of a love letter. One of our favorite moments is capturing our couple soaking in the words of their soon-to-be spouse. The morning of your wedding is often a blur of preparation, yet sharing love letters with each other is a perfect way to pause and revel in what’s about to take place. We believe love letter writing is a tradition that can be shared well beyond your wedding morning or first love letters shared together early in your relationship. What is more special than reading and holding your love’s purest words of devotion to you? Make letter writing a tradition you begin year after year, special occasions and “just because” memento.

As the years unfold, you will find yourself returning to those letters (trust me!) and remembering what brought you together in the beginning. Once your family expands, you can write letters in the same manner to your children and encourage them to do the same. The concept from this editorial came from the years of our love letters to each other. Timeless and meaningful those letters have held us together through a deployment to Afghanistan our first year of marriage, long nights and days with newborns, anniversaries spent abroad, and daily choices that bring us closer to each other. Marriage is a beautiful expression of a lifelong commitment; much like your wedding vows, your love letters are a tangible affirmation of who you are together.

Writing your love letters with custom designed paper goods created to match your wedding day design is an incredible way to celebrate your love story. I love the idea of creating a set of matching stationary to use each time you write a letter to one another. To keep your letters treasured, create a handcrafted wooden box to store them in, or gift your fiancé with a clutch from The Mrs. Clutch line to carry her love letters with her everywhere. We never fully know the impact of our kind, loving words, and we believe those feelings we have for one another should be expressed as often as possible.

The Mrs. Clutch’s envelope and love letter design was created from her grandmother’s personal story:

“In 1952 when my father’s childhood home burned to the ground due to an American Airline plane crash, this love letter was the only remaining possession found amongst the rubble. Written in 1919 by my grandfather, asking my grandmother to wait for his return from his service in the Italian army, so he could marry her. She carried this letter in her handbag everyday of her life.” The Mrs. Clutch

We are all about intentionally planning your wedding day, and number one on our list is making time in your timeline to pause and enjoy. We know the anticipation of sharing your vows and the pressure of moving through your day efficiently is highly important; yet, our couples who take a few moments to themselves feel more grounded and connected to the movement of their day. They tend to remember the day even more when they have taken those precious minutes to soak in their joy, nerves, and excitement. Steal away for a beat to read your love letters, everyone will wait! To truly allow this to be leisurely, plan for about 10 minutes in your timeline once you are fully dressed and hair and make up is finished. Right before you walk towards the aisle, find a quiet spot just for you to read and reflect.

As you plan this moment in your timeline, I also recommend writing your love letter the morning before your wedding. Again take a little time away and let the words flow. Once you have finished your letter, make sure to hand them over to your maid of honor or best man to ensure they are handed off at the right time. Your wedding planner can tuck them away after you read them to make sure they aren’t lost in the flurry of activity.
This editorial is one of my favorites to date, and it truly brought to life the importance of sharing your words.

Featured this fall in Magnolia Rouge, I am so grateful for the creative space to bring this vision to fruition. Each moment of your love story is important to us, and our inspiration comes from the moments we are honored to witness on your day. If you are ready to create an intentional wedding day with us, then inquire to reserve your date.

Special thanks to these talented vendors (who are also on our vendor list) for their creative contribution to our vision:


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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