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Our 10 years the “Tin” Anniversary :: {Colorado Intimate Wedding Photographer}

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10 years with the man I love…what an honor and an adventure! Steve and I celebrated 10 years together this past week, and we spent time time alone in the car (which is so rare nowadays!) driving to Evergreen, Colorado for the first time. We love drives…such a great time to just talk freely be together. As we drove, we talked about the past 10 year and we recounted moments throughout our marriage that we remembered starting with our wedding day. It was amazing to think back on the past 10 years and create a timeline together of our moments…the good ones and the bad ones…the highs and the lows. What was amazing to me was that we laughed so easily at the good moments and dwelled on those moments for a while…chatting and reminiscing. The bad moments came up and we recognized them, but we moved right past them with ease as we remembered the next good moment right after. It just made me realize how easy it is in the moment to feel like you are sinking in the hard moments…how they seem to go on forever and you long for the highlights, but as the years roll on those bad moments are often forgotten and the good moments are remembered. I suppose it is all about perspective, and we definitely have to choose to remember the good over the bad, but I was so encouraged at how those bad moments hadn’t left us broken but we grew together through them. This bottle of wine sits unopened on our counter. It is a bottle we picked up on our honeymoon drive through Napa Valley as we pulled of into the Beringer Winery.

Beringer Winery Colorado Wedding Photographer We sipped wine together and chose a random bottle. I’m sure at the moment we’d imagine opening it at 5 or 10 years but now that 10 years have passed, I can’t imagine opening it yet. I wonder when we will…or if we ever will. That bottle has sat on so many different counter tops in our 10 years together, and we’ve talked often about when we’d open it. Yet somehow I can’t imagine opening it…I think it has become a symbol of us…of all the time that’s passed between us. Haha I can imagine if we did open it that it may actually taste horrible…which would be so funny and so something that would happen to us. But for now it sits…waiting. I love this handsome, strong man more than I could’ve imagined 10 years ago. I am so excited for the next 10, 20, 30 and prayerfully longer. Happy anniversary, my forever love! Cheers!



Wedding Photographer Jenna Wren Colorado Lowe's Elopement Session

Photography: Dawn Honsky Photography 

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