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March 17, 2021


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!

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As you plan your wedding day to the hilt, there are so many decisions to make from start to finish. Your day is full of choices that are meaningful to you, your personality, and your story. One of the best parts of planning your day is deciding what items to accessorize with including your shoes, earrings, garter, and even your handbag. All of these details enhance your bridal look that you have spent years envisioning. Your bridal accessories are so important, so don’t forget to spend time searching for the ones that will mean the most to you. You can always hire a stylist to help you select the most stunning bridal looks and details for you.

As I planned my own wedding almost 13 years ago, I thought a lot about the bridal accessories I knew I wanted to include. I wore ballet flats because I loved dancing growing up, and we were getting married on a lawn that might be too soft to walk in heels. I also included a pair of earrings that a dear friend made for me. My grandmother’s pearls graced my neck, and I still have those to this day. I carefully selected items that I knew were important to me. I do wish I would’ve purchased a gorgeous bridal handbag or clutch to keep all of my must-have items close by.

Bridal accessories come in a variety of choices from heirloom pieces, custom designed details, and stunning statement pieces. Once you have your gown selected, the bridal accessories are part of the fun! You may choose to wear your mother’s diamond studs, hand design your garter, and borrow a clutch from your maid of honor. Before you make your final choices, we are excited to share our favorite must have bridal accessories to complete the details of your gorgeous bridal look.

1. Sentimental Items

As a part of your details, we love the idea of adding sentimental items. All of your bridal accessories will have meaning, but this is a wonderful way to honor someone special in your life. You can also choose something that is a symbol to you or your fiancĂ©. Whatever the item’s meaning maybe you can ensure that you are including details that are important to you and your story.

As your wedding photographer, we love to know about these items so we can include them in your details. We don’t have to share with anyone what these special detail means to you. Yet, having the item photographed is a special way to memorialize your sentimental bridal accessories. As your plan the details of your day, make sure you contact us if you need help making selections.

If you aren’t sure what to include, take sometime to think of items that you loved as a child. Talk with your family members or bridal party for ideas that they may know are important and sentimental. They may have special items tucked away for just such moments. If you choose items that are sentimental, make sure that they are securely fastened to your person. It would be heartbreaking to lose something special to you on such a wonderful day.

2. Heirloom Details

One of our favorite bridal accessories are those that are both sentimental in value and can be cherished for generations as heirlooms. Some couples have a ring passed down through their family for generations that they reset in a new ring and placement. The accessory might be something as important as your engagement ring, a wedding band, a necklace, or even a handkerchief.

These items are often shared from one family to the next on their wedding day, and they may prove to be a wonderful item to share with your future children. We have found that bridal accessories that are heirloom, heritage items are often the ones that mean the most to our couples. These details hold so much value and many memories for the families. They are also wonderful gifts to remember the moments of your day through the years. If you are searching for other heirloom ideas to remember your day, consider our heirloom portrait boxes.

Along the same lines as a sentimental item you select, make sure that your details are safely secured on your person or near you throughout your wedding day. We love knowing these items are special to you and your family’s heritage. During your getting ready portraits, we will photograph those items so make sure they are available for those photographs. Even an heirloom ring box makes for a gorgeous bridal accessory that is a must-have for your day!

heirloom details bridal accessories

3. Handmade Shoes

Of course every bride needs a gorgeous pair of handmade Italian leather shoes! This is one item I absolutely wish I would have invested in years ago. These gorgeous shoes from Bella Belle are bride’s dream. They are classy, elegant, fashion-forward and so comfortable. One of the best ways to enhance your bridal look is through the perfect pair of shoes.

If you are having a hard time picking your bridal accessories, we recommend you start with your bridal shoes. Trust me, these shoes are too stunning to pass up. These shoes are sold online at the Bella Belle website as well as boutique options like BHLDN. Brides rave about these elegant shoes, and I am sure you can see why! They are as unique as the bride with a variety of colors, tones, shapes, heels, and designs.

Don’t feel that you have to choose traditional white details including your shoes! Bella Belle shoes as well as so many other wonderful bridal shoe options can be as flashy as you want them to be. It is your day after all! We love photographing our bride’s shoes as a part of her getting ready portraits. Make sure you have a heel stopper just in case you are concerned with walking on the lawn of your venue. If you are getting married during the winter, make sure you have closed toed shoes as an option for your outdoor portraits.

4. Stunning Clutch

Our absolutely favorite must-have bridal accessory is a gorgeous clutch from The Mrs. Clutch. These stunning handbags and envelopes are made of gorgeous silk and studded with Swarovski crystal. Much like your bridal shoes, these purses are a lovely, elegant and classic addition to your bridal look. We love the details and design that go into these bags.

The Mrs. Clutch is also a wonderful heirloom item that you can pass on to future generations. These clutches are an excellent spot to keep your lipstick, phone, vow books, and day of must-haves with you throughout your day. We love the variety of colors that this little clutch comes in.

the mrs clutch white heirloom purse

5. Lovely Earrings

Our final must-have bridal accessories are a lovely pair of earrings. If you are searching for a beautiful gift for your future bride, then consider purchasing her a pair of stunning earrings. These statement pieces are a wonderful way to complete your bridal look. We love photographing our bride’s earrings as a part of her wedding details because each item tells a story.

Your earrings may also be an heirloom piece from a dear friend or family member. They also might be a sentimental piece that truly helps you feel close to someone you love. Either way, we love bridal earrings! If you are searching for a perfect pair of studs or handmade beauties, then look no further than Sarah O. Jewelry.

bridal accessories earrings

We are so excited to see what bridal accessories you select! Let’s talk today about your wedding date, so we can ensure we save your date.

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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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