Planning a Surprise Proposal in Colorado

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November 18, 2021


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!

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No matter the season, surprise proposals in Colorado are magical. I cannot think of a more romantic setting than our mountain vistas, and popping the question to your partner here is a must. Whether you have been planning to ask your love to marry you for months or just a few short weeks, your proposal deserves to be photographed. I am all in for these moments with our couples. Don’t feel the need to plan an over the top proposal. A simple hike in the mountains or romantic dinner with a view can help take some of the pressure off. Colorado proposals for the win always.

proposal in Colorado in Rocky Mountain National Park

Wherever you imagine asking your partner, make sure your photographer has a spot to hide or blend in with the surroundings. Some couples hire a photographer for a couple session, and when the moment is right you can get down on one knee. Creating a proposal like this allows your photographer to already be in position and close to catch your partner’s face in the moment. Yet if you choose to have your photographer hidden away as a secret then, we will talk through specifics about how to cue the moment. Engagements and couples‘ portraits are our favorites, so sharing in your proposal is incredible to us.

surprise proposal in Colorado black and white image of newly engaged couple

As I share my thoughts on how to create a beautiful proposal in Colorado, I would encourage you to avoid overpopulated trails or high traffic areas. If you are set on a more popular spot, then make sure you pick a day that is in the off season. With your photographer tucked away, the area will need to be as clear as possible to ensure no one steps in front of the camera for the big moment. Colorado’s beauty is best enjoyed in the private moment you two share. When you inquire with us, we will chat about your vision for your proposal and then offer our top locations for such an intimate moment.


Colorado in all of its pristine beauty is also unpredictable most of the year for weather. I believe rain, shine, or snow, we can capture the moment beautifully for you. However, if you are traveling in from out of state or sensitive to quick changes in temperature then we would need to monitor the weather closely. Dressing adequately especially for our higher altitude locations is a must, even in the summer months. July through early October is often warm with brief afternoon rain showers, so I would start with those months in mind when planning your proposal in Colorado.

couple dancing on the lakeshore right after a surprise proposal in Colorado


Finding the perfect location for your proposal is the most important part of planning. There are so many picturesque locations in Colorado that are a dream for moments like these. Seasonality truly must factor into the location you select; yet even in the height of winter, mountain proposals are still very possible. From Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs to the Flatirons in Boulder and the Maroon Bells in Aspen, your options are vast. Once you know the date you are excited about, picking your location should be much easier. I also recommend finding a spot that is within an hour or less of a romantic restaurant or a quiet place for you two to escape to right after you propose.


Creating a beautiful Colorado proposal with us begins with selecting your dream location and date. I love to hide away from my client so they are able to fully absorb themselves in the moment. I will walk you through exactly where to pause on your hike or what time to pop the question, so I am set for your moment. As we plan your proposal, I encourage you to wear a specific outfit or let me know what you plan to wear so I can pick you out of a crowd or the trees. Ideally, we will both spot each other with a verbal cue. At this proposal with Suraj and Cori, I had him walk up and ask me to take a photo of the two of them and when he turned to take in the view I brought my camera up to capture him asking Cori to marry him.

getting engaged in Colorado


If you are planning to propose on a hike or in higher elevations, make sure you dress accordingly. You can still look chic and adorable while hiking. If you feel that your partner would want to dress in a certain way for portraits then consider purchasing an outfit in advance for her. You can always grab a makeup bag, brush, or change of clothes for pictures after the moment to allow your partner to get freshened up. I love staying for about 20 minutes after you propose to capture couples’ pictures with you two. The joy of the moment is so real and fresh, and the photos are dreamy.


One of the things to bring along for your proposal are any special items or mementos that you want to either have photographed or need to share with your partner as you ask for their hand in marriage. Letters are a perfect way to express your love when you ask or not long after when you take a few minutes to celebrate together. Packing in a bottle of champagne and glasses would be a blast to bring in for you, so just ask if that’s a part of how you’d like to celebrate right after.


After all this anticipation and the joy of becoming engaged, I hope you celebrate! Whether it is cuddling on the couch and sipping wine reveling in new relationship status or heading out for a night of fine dining, we hope you find a way to capture the moment in your memories. Congratulations on your engagement! We are honored to have been a part of your surprise proposal in Colorado, and we will be sipping champagne in celebration of you two that evening. Once you come down off your high a little, make sure to reserve your wedding date with us!

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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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