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February 4, 2021


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!

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On this pretty February morning, we want to share what the fine art approach means when you work with us. As Denver fine art wedding photographers, we are very familiar with the varied seasons, lighting conditions, and terrain of our beautiful state. We take time connecting with each of our couples to truly understand your vision and desire for your wedding photography. We bring our expertise as fine art wedding photographers to your day in a manner that will capture the true beauty and essence of your day, while reassuring you with our calming presence and unhurried manner. The grand tale of your romantic story will be captured through our artistic vision in an intentional, tangible, and meaningful manner.

Denver wedding photographer fine art approach elopement Windy Saddle

As fine art wedding photographers, our technique is intentional with every movement, pose, and amount of time we request for your portraits. We are quick in our photography, yet calming and unhurried so that we can allow your romantic connection to flow normally.
This does not mean we don’t shoot quickly, instead it means we plan our moments with you intentionally knowing how to pose you in the most beautiful manner in the most gorgeous lighting to capture the essence of your love story.

Fine Art Wedding photography elopement in Colorado mountains

Tangible Printed Art
We create art that is meant to be held in your hands and hung on your walls. We create heirloom pieces that we hope your children and grandchildren will cherish one day. As your wedding photographer, we are honored to capture some of the most intimate moments of your lives and leave you with tangible items to celebrate your day. The artwork we photograph is a great joy in our work with you!

Your relationship has more depth and meaning that anyone other than you two can understand. We approach your day with your personal narrative in mind because we are inspired by your connection. As your wedding photographers, we want your images to express the meaning and purpose of your love. We do this by learning about what brought you two together, what you are envisioning for your future, and even who you invite to your wedding day.

couple smile and laugh during Colorado elopement in Golden's Windy Saddle Park

As a Denver fine art wedding photographer, our images are full of light, soft and gentle details, and refined poses. We photograph your day with a painterly vision, and we photograph with your connection in mind. In our initial conversations leading up to your wedding day, we learn so much about our couples. We want you to feel at ease with us well before wedding day approaches, which is another reason why we highly recommend including an engagement session with us.

Denver fine art wedding photographer

The emotions of your day deserve to be noticed and held, which is why your wedding photography will be of some of the most meaningful moments of your life. The joy, romance, quiet, hidden, and raw split second emotions that come alive during your ceremony and reception and all the in between moments are what we live to capture. The fine art approach allows us the time to notice those little things and photograph them in a manner that will hold those feelings for years to come.

couple on mountain slope at Windy Saddle Park Fine Art Wedding

As your photographs, we plan each detail of your day down to the most finite element. We scout your location before hand so we notice the spots that will create the most stunning images. We walk through the venue, connect with your vendors, and walk through the timeline thoroughly so that our artistic vision of your day can come to life. We watch how the light falls in different ways at your venue, talk with you about the connections in your life with your guests, and listen to how you and your fiancé interact with one another when no one else is around. We have a very elegant approach to our planning to capture the beauty of Denver in your fine art wedding portraits.

Artistic Perspective
As I approach your wedding day, I am always observing. I watch your connection with your fiancé, notice how you laugh a little lighter when your sister walks in the room, and how your grandmother smiles at you with the gleam in her eye. I notice the beauty that already exists in your life and capture your love in true artistic imagery that is authentic for you. I photograph the details from each moment and move with you both throughout the day to notice the simplicity of who you are together. As a fine art wedding photographer, my eye is trained to see the world differently. I see the beauty in the smallest things and know how to create art around the smallest details.

Denver wedding photographer captures bride with wind swept gown

We would love to work with you. Inquire with us today to ensure that we are available for your date!

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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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