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January 28, 2021


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Often a first look is debated with our couples as they plan their wedding day timeline, yet we always encourage a first look. We know that the hustle of your wedding day can be overwhelming. We are here to help you create moments that will truly enhance each second of your day. Your first look does not have to be a lengthy affair, but we know that you will cherish the memories forever. We love Villa Parker as the venue to celebrate all your wedding day moments.

First look with Jenna Wren Photography Denver Wedding Photographer

Each time we work at a venue or tour a new opening, we are always on the look out for spots that will create each image in your mind. As we walk the property inside and out, we are searching for private corners, beautiful lighting, jaw-dropping views, and pretty spots to capture your every moment. Sometimes we will reuse a spot throughout your wedding day for each portrait with family and friends, or we may move you and your spouse to another corner so we can hide you a way from your guests for just a moment. Does this sound like your dream wedding day approach? Inquire with us today to find out more about our availability for your dream wedding date.

Villa Parker first look on wedding day Denver Wedding Venues

That’s why we know that one of our favorite new Denver Wedding Venues Villa Parker has some of the most perfect spots for your first look. This Tuscan inspired event space that is located in the southeast side of Denver in the suburbs of Parker. The quaint town of Parker is an adorable location for this intimate venue. We had the opportunity to photograph an editorial shoot in August at this venue with an amazing team of Denver wedding vendors. In keeping with our aesthetic here at Jenna Wren Photography, we aim to photograph editorials and styled shoots with real couples so we can truly capture the joyful romance in breathtaking imagery. We value true intimate connection so we can create the raw beauty of true love.

surprised groom excited during first look at Villa Parker

This gorgeous villa has so many quiet corners and private spaces for you and your to love to share in your first look. We love first looks because we know that it may be one of the only moments you two spend alone during your wedding day. As excited as you are to be with all of your guests, you deserve a moment to breathe right before walking down the aisle. As you walk the grounds of Villa Parker, you will find so many little tucked away areas that will allow you to have your first look.

bride and groom embrace during first look at Villa Park with Denver Wedding Photographer

If you are on the fence about your first look, we completely understand. Traditionally the first glimpse of a bride as she walks down the aisle in front of all of her guests can still be a beautiful way to share that first glance. Yet, we often find that the bride is hidden from view at times from her groom as she heads down the aisle. We want to help ensure every emotion of that first moment together can truly be cherished and photographed to freeze forever. We would love to encourage you to plan your first look into your wedding day timeline.

pausing for a moment on their wedding day to celebrate during their first look at a Denver Wedding Venue

During your wedding consultations, we help contribute to the timeline plans with your planner to facilitate portrait times that are based on your personal desires, family portrait list, and the lighting available that day. If you have a lot of family portraits planned in then we adjust parts of the timeline to ensure we take all the images you have in mind. With your first look, we typically need 10 minutes of solitude after you are ready and before your ceremony.

One of my assistants will position your groom with his back to you or facing you with his eyes closed as you walk up. We try our best to not rush this moment so you two can relish in the romance together. We hide you two away from guests and others on the property site, so you can just pause for a second. Some of our couples take this time to pray together as Steve and I did on our wedding day. The beauty of this moment is one of our favorites the whole day through.

We are also prepared with tissues to blot any tears that show up during your first look. It really is an emotional moment! During your first look, we find that your nerves are often calmed. There is so much anticipation built up as you are getting ready with your hair and make up team. I know that while that anticipation is just par for the course for your wedding day, yet we also love that take this private moment can actually help relieve some wedding day jitters.

beautiful entrance to Villa Parker with couple kissing during summer wedding

We also encourage our bride’s hair and make up artist to stick around if they can for the first look so that her make up can be touched up if necessary. We also do a quick check of your hair, lipstick, and gown right after the first look so that you are all set to walk down the aisle. For your groom, we make sure his tie or bowtie are straight after you two hug, and we often run a lint brush lightly over his suit before he heads to the front of the aisle.

As your wedding photographer, we love the opportunity to capture a few extra frames of you both at any point during your day. The first look is a perfect moment to pause and capture a few beautiful couples portraits. As we move from the getting ready portraits into your ceremony, we love this quiet moment to photograph you two right after he sees you for the first time. We highly recommend booking a separate bridal session just for you two so that we can capture your first look in the gorgeous mountain vistas of Colorado.

couple in courtyard of Villa Parker

Villa Parker is truly a unique venue in the suburbs surrounding Denver. We love that it has such a flexible space for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. We feel that it truly is the perfect spot for an intimate wedding with Italian inspired vibes. As you search for the best event space to create the wedding you envision, make sure to consider the images you are dying to have captured. As you walk the grounds with your planner, we highly recommend asking the venue director where they would recommend for the first look and other images. Take pictures or videos on your phone to review later as you make your final selections.

stunning table setting for intimate dinner at Villa Parker

We have so many wonderful venues in mind for you! Moss | Denver is another gorgeous venue with a perfect space for an indoor wedding and reception housed in the same event space. Moss has more of an industrial feel, which is quite different from Villa Parker. Moss is located in downtown Denver which helps create more of an urban feel for weddings held at this space. Whatever venue you select, we know you will make the best choice for you! We are excited to accompany you on your wedding day journey. Feel free to send us a message if you would like our thoughts on your wedding venue selections.

gorgeous bride and groom pose during summer wedding at Villa Parker in Denver

One of the most important elements for your wedding day is to have a talented and cohesive vendor team on your side. We were so honored to work with some of the top wedding vendors in Denver. Candace Batista with Candace Elaine Events led our editorial team with expertise and talent that is truly a gift to every couple who works with her. We absolutely recommend hiring a full-service planner to bring your dream concept to fruition. Villa Parker came highly recommended by Candace, so we were so eager to begin working here last August.

couple kiss during first look with fine art wedding photographer Jenna Wren Photography

As a part of your experience with us, we work closely with your wedding planner and vendor team to truly capture the essence of your wedding day dreams. We want you to share your vision with us from beginning to end, and we are here to let you know our suggestions to bring the best parts of your day together.

Let’s chat today! Inquire with us to schedule your virtual coffee (or wine!) date, so we can begin putting your vision into place. I am so honored to work with you! We are excited to share our vendor team from this aqua-toned wedding editorial.

Vendor Team:

Planning and Design: Candace Elaine Events

Gown: Luv Bridal

Hair and Make Up: Amy Merritt Hair and Make Up

Choreography/Dance Instructions: Magic Wedding Dance

Gartier: La Gartier

Cake: Ruby Jean Patisserie

Florals: Lumme Creations

Ring: Sarah O Jewerly

Table Linens: La Tavola

Rentals: Events Rents

Photography: Jenna Wren Photography

If you have any questions or would love more recommendations for your vendors, feel free to ask! We have a list of our preferred vendors for each part of Colorado. We value our vendor teams, so we are here to support you in your decision process.

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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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