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What Do I Do With My Hands? :: Tips for Wedding Posing Post # 1 {Jenna Wren Photography Colorado Wedding Photographer

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My hands make me feel so incredibly awkward in portraits, and I’m sure it’s been a struggle for you as well, right? I’m the one still walking around hours later with an empty glass in her hand at a party, because I honestly don’t know what to do with my hands ever!  For my brides and grooms, I completely understand how you feel when you’re worried about what to do with your hands.

Here are 4 things you can do with your hands during your wedding portraits:

#1 To Have and To Hold

One of the most natural ways to pose your hands on your wedding day is to hold onto something or someone.  If you can hold the edge of your gown, veil, or a chair or railing near you that will help your hands and arms to relax into a natural pose.  Holding your husband or wife-to-be close, and leaning into their embrace will help you to relax and focus on each other instead of stressing about how your hands look.  If you’re not sure what to do, just ask for direction.  The more I’m aware that you feel awkward or uncomfortable, the more I can help you move or pose in a way that is more natural to you.  You can also hold your bouquet in one or both of your hands depending on what angle you’re posed.

wedding photographing posing tips for your hands The Venue at Flying Horse Ranch with Jenna Wren Photography

# 2 Pockets and Cuff Links

Grooms often struggle the most with what to do with their hands, because they aren’t typically holding florals.  For our gents, I recommend placing your hands in your pockets to relax both your hands and your arms.  You can keep your thumb out to help your hand placement feel and look more natural rather than stiff.  You can also adjust your cuff links or watch band to switch up your hand poses.  Each of those poses gives your overall image a different look, so chat with me as you move or adjust your hands to set up the mood of your picture.

wedding photographing posing tips for your hands The Venue at Flying Horse Ranch with Jenna Wren Photography

# 3 Caress and Rest

Natural movements during your portraits can also really create a great position for your hand to rest in once the camera snaps.  Try caressing her face then resting it on her cheekbone, or running your fingers through your hair and pausing by your shoulder.  You can also gently rub his arm or back and then stop at a point where it feels like your hand has relaxed against his body.  I always direct my couples to avoid the normal “hand on his chest” because it looks too much like a high school prom pose. You can freely move as much as you need to help create a natural look for your hands.  Plus, the connections that those sweet touches create genuine moments between you two!

wedding photographing posing tips for your hands The Venue at Flying Horse Ranch with Jenna Wren Photography

# 4 Softly Closed 

Closing your hands softly is so important when you’re holding hands or resting your hand on each other.  If you grip hands or squeeze your fingers together too tightly, you may look a little stressed in your photos. So take a deep breathe and think about softening your grip and fingers, and then bend your wrist slightly to create a natural flow from your shoulder down to your fingertips.  It is completely ok to struggle with this step.  If you’re having a hard time softening your hands, try shaking them for a moment then posing again.  Better yet, just look at your bride or groom and reach for their hand or touch their face like you would without the camera near you.


I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but try as much as possible to ignore the camera.  I can assure you that you look incredible. If you focus your attention on each other, then you’ll automatically relax your hands!  Happy posing, friends!


What is your biggest struggle in pictures? I’d love to know so I can help you relax the most on your day!  Send me a note below and share your thoughts!





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Special Thanks to The Venue at Flying Horse Ranch 

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