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Layla daughter of Jenna Wren with Jenna Wren Photography

The last 9 months have been a blur of adjustment to like with 3 sweet children after Layla was born in May. Learning to balance work and family life has been a great challenge the last few months, but we are slowly getting the hang of it. I am not a huge fan of the “hustle culture” and the mindset surrounding it. Hard work and hustle are to vastly different things to me, and I am a big believer in the former. The idea of hustle tends to lean towards a lifestyle where work and success are all consuming, which I have quickly learned that it can’t be the measure I live by as a wife, mom, and business owner.

Jenna Wren intimate wedding photographer in Colorado with her 9 month old daughter Layla

With 3 children, Steve and I are officially outnumbered. So we have more than ever had to learn to work as a team and to prioritize time together. Layla is one of the greatest joys our family has received, and our boys are crazy in love with her. The change from 2 to 3 has been relatively smooth, but one of us always seems to have a kiddo with us. Even now as I write this post Layla is playing at my feet. I have also had to learn “nap time warrior” has become my new mantra.

Sweet Layla girl with her momma Jenna Wren photographer for intimate wedding and elopement photographer in Colorado

More now than ever, my work as a wedding photographer has become a huge part of my daily life. I want my legacy of hard work, passion, and the pursuit of my dreams to be the example my children remember as they grow up. Steve is my greatest support, and I feel so honored that our kids get to see him live that out daily. He is more often than not my second shooter at our clients’ weddings, and we have created some incredible memories and laughs around our teamwork. So if you’re working with us this coming year, you’ll often get to see him right by my side. He’s the one who snapped these photos of Layla and me, so he is quite the funny guy…I couldn’t stop laughing!

This last month, we had the opportunity (thanks to awesome grandparents who will watch all 3 kids!) travel to New York City for 5 days. Our trip was a dream come true for me! Our 12th anniversary is right around the corner, so it ended up being the perfect time to celebrate us. Our trip began with our stay at the incredible Refinery Hotel in a quieter street just a few blocks from Times Square. I absolutely loved the hotel, and I plan on writing a post about the hotel and all of our other highlight spots in the next week. We visited about every museum and monument possible, ate a massive whip cream covered dessert called the Titanic at Carmine’s, and had the chance to see Hamilton on Broadway. Hamilton was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! We maximized our days in New York, and we came home tired and happy to be with our kids last week. Steve and I travel often just the two of us, but it is getting harder to travel without the kids because they love traveling just as much as we do.

Hamilton Broadway Play with photographer Jenna Wren Colorado elopement and wedding photographer
New York skyline from the Statue of Liberty Pedestal

We are slowly starting to thaw out here in Colorado Springs with spring just a few weeks away. We are so excited to camp, hike, fish, and enjoy Colorado’s gorgeous (and hopefully very green) summer together as a family of five!



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