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February 11, 2021


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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!

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As gorgeous as all of Colorado is from the eastern plains to the western slope, there is one quaint mountain town that holds my heart the most. Crested Butte, Colorado is one of my favorite locations in the entire world, and I have spent many, many hours in this lovely spot. Crested Butte weddings are gorgeous in every season. From stunning wildflowers in the summer months to pristine snow-covered slopes in the winter, we believe that Crested Butte will make all of you elegant mountain wedding dreams come true.

crested butte mountain wedding fall fine art photography

Summer in Crested Butte is lush with greenery, sunshine, and wildflowers in June and July. This gorgeous valley town reminds me of the garden of Eden during the summer months, and the views from every angle are simply breathtaking. Planning a summer wedding in Crested Butte may prove challenging, but worth it.

We highly recommend connecting with a wedding planner who can bring your vision to life. You may need to book your wedding venue months, if not a year or more in, advance as this is a very popular location for summer Colorado weddings. We are always here to assist in the details of your wedding vision, so reach out to us anytime to begin planning your wedding in Crested Butte. As busy as the summer months might be, we truly believe it is worth the wait even if you must plan over a year in advance. Those views are just beyond words!

Wildflowers Crested Butte summer wedding

Fall is another one of our favorite seasons in Crested Butte. Timing is everything when planning your wedding during this season because the peak of our aspen colors are just to die for. The peak season really varies between September and October to depending on how much moisture we have during the winter, spring, and summer months. However, fall is just so lovely here. The weather is mild and may have a few snow flurries. Again, we highly recommend connecting with your wedding planner and venue right away to decide a perfect date for fall colors.

Hiking in the mountains in the fall is amazing for you and your wedding guests. The aspens turn bright yellow during the peak of autumn, which is simply breathtaking for your bridal portraits. We just love fall in Crested Butte!

fall in crested butte is perfect for a wedding

While winter can be unpredictable in this mountain town, if you love skiing and winter wonderland magic then we love this location for a winter wedding. Crested Butte is an incredible ski town, which is a wonderful option for a destination wedding that your guests will truly enjoy. Definitely plan your wedding here if you love the magic of winter. Crested Butte will sure to make your winter wedding dreams come true!

Planning out an entire weekend for your wedding celebrations is a wonderful option for your Crested Butte winter wedding. Creating a wedding weekend would allow you and your guests to enjoy the gorgeous snowy terrain, dine in style for your rehearsal, and celebrate your wedding day in a relaxed and refined atmosphere. Winter varies in how busy the town may be, so we highly recommend considering booking your wedding between January and mid-March in order to have a quiet wedding celebration.

winter in Crested Butte perfect for mountain wedding

Spring in Colorado is often a quieter time with late season snow covering our slops, vacationers skiing the last few days of snow on the mountainside, and dormant blooms slowly begin to thaw. Crested Butte like all of Colorado’s mountain towns is just as lovely as ever in spring. We believe this might be just the right moment for you if you are planning a Crested Butte wedding with only a few months to plan. The town tends to be a little sleepier during spring which may be ideal for your mountain wedding.

At times the weather is quite unpredictable from March through May, yet your wedding planner and venue can help you plan all the details to ensure a beautiful wedding day for you. The views in springs are beyond belief as some bright greens begin to pop up on the aspen trees and snow still touches the mountains around the town. No matter the season this picturesque mountain town is perfect for your wedding!

We love Crested Butte year-round for weddings, so make sure to inquire with us today to ensure we are available for your date! If you would love to know more about our work then click here.

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I'm Jenna and I'm so happy you're here. This journal is about our beautiful clients and their incredible love stories.Stay a while and say hello!




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